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Concert Spice Girls in het Gelredome
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Stewards in het Gelredome
Klimaatbeheersingsinstallatie in het Gelredome
Een van de promenades in het Gelredome
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Gelredome, Arnhem, The Netherlands

The most appealing element of the Gelredome is its extendable playing field, a spectaculair technological wonder by which the ultimate form of multi- functionality is achieved. Within four hours the tray, weighing 11 million kilos, slides out on 384 teflon rollers. Whilst the natural grass is nutured by the elements , the level concrete floor inside is available for a variety of events.

Gelredome was built because Vitesse had economically out grown its old stadium (Monnikenhuize). Moving to the Gelredome meant an enormous leap forward for the football club. The number of season ticket holders rose from 7.000 to 24.000, the number of sponsors doubled (even before the completion of the stadium). Next to the development of the Gelredome the Vitesse Kids Club was founded. Within two months almost 7.000 members had applied. Within the first year merchandising had tripled.

Gelredome is not a building; it is the result of a vision. Not only is the buidling a wonder from a technical point of view; it is also based on extensive know-how in the football and marketing field. The combination of a well thought out state of the art stadium (the hardware) and a sophisticated marketing, communications and public policy (the software) has been very productive for Vitesse.

Alongside some striking visual impressions of the Gelredrome.

The in-house boulevard functions as the social and commercial heartbeat of the Gelredome. Shops, food outlets and terraces dominate . The promenade is heated and can harbour up to 8000 visitors.

The spectacular and perfectly functioning extendable playing field of the Gelredome; a novelty in the sports and events world, weighing over 11.000 tons has drawn attention from all over the world. A similar technique has also been applied in the new stadium of Schalke 04 in Gelsenkirchen. Four socalled "gripper jacks" facilitate a noiseless extending of the playing field. Hence a multifunctional use of the stadium in optimal form.

Thanks to the sliding roof there is a pleasant atmosphere in the Gelredome, summer and winter. Because the roof does not allow light to come through, a 'black box' situation can be created. The opening or closing of the roof takes twenty minutes.

Ever since the opening of the Gelredome, the business community has embraced its high standard of business accomodations. The Gelredome is "the place to be" when it comes to marketing and imagebuilding. An atmosphere with class, innovation and quality create the ideal surounding.

Gelredome has a total climate control. The building can be cooled during summer and heated during winter. The energy concept of Gelredome uses advanced techniques and is unique in its interconnections. Durability is a priority. Solar collectors, PV-cells and cold/ heat-storeage are used. Convenience and environment are combined at the Gelredome. The seats on the tribune are made from recycled garden furniture, which has been collected through a spectacular campaign put together by the citizens of Arnhem.

Well-trained stewards bring the concept of hospitality to life at the Gelredome. They are the personification of the service-oriented Gelredome concept. Trenches and fences have been replaced by service with a smile.The public feels safe and at home in the Gelredome. More than one third of the visitors are women and children.

At some distance from the Gelredome , four satelite parking areas are located. Transport from and to the complex is facilitated by a frequent shuttle service. At the stadium itself there is parking space for 4000 cars. The Gelredome knows no traffic congestion or parking bottlenecks; the logistic policy at the Gelredome is highly appreciated by the visitors.

The Gelredome in concert:
Good acoustics, a high-quality audio installation and the tasteful entourage of the Gelredome itself have transformed the building into an imposing concert stage,not to mention the moving roof and the extendable playing field. Many a famous star has performed in the Gelredome, be it wearing a Vitesse shirt or not. In concert the capacity at the Gelredome is 40.000.



Facts and figures


Total investments:
Height complex:
Length complex:
Width complex:
Chair capacity:
Business seats:
Press chairs:
Spaces for wheelchairs:
Steel constructions:
Moving roof:
Extendable playing field:
Sliding time:
Sliding speed:
Hall centre Gelredome:
Men's rooms:
Ladies rooms:
Disabled toilets:
Catering outlets:
Solar collectors:
PV solar cells:
Cost cutting natural gas:
Shuttle buses:
Parking spaces Gelredome:

72,6 €
42,8 m
207,5 m
168,5 m
850 14m piles, 3.800 m3 of concrete
3.705 tons
800 tons
20 minutes
11.000 tons
4.5 hours (anchoring included)
90 cm/minute
2.000 m2
600.000 showers yearly
4.000 energy saving light bulbs
yearly usage of 70 households
6 bus stops




Het in en uitschuifbare veld van het Gelredome